A new beginning

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Hi! I hope to find you well.

The quarantine period is over. This time will be associated with the pain of those who have lost family and friends. The hurt and loneliness of social isolation. The despair of those who lost their jobs. The uncertainty of a future yet to be defined.

Now (more than ever) we feel how important a phone call or message can be. We have rediscovered the treasure of having a friend.

After 5 months of complete stop at work, there are still many who will continue without being able to return to work. In an industry focused on leisure and entertainment, as is the case with events, clubs and social dance parties, the current restrictions imposed by the governments are not viable.

We are optimistic. We are strong. We want to continue with the projects that we love. We have to wait a little longer and return with great determination.

I really miss being back in a DJ booth. To be able to share the songs that excite me and to look forward and see the smile of people dancing. I am looking forward to being able to do it again… to feel it again with all my soul. Feeling the magic when I hear the bass walking and I see your bodies reacting. Desiring to let an intense voice move me because it speaks of intimate feelings of the human being. Desiring to recharge my soul and heart again with the power of this synergy between the DJ, the dancer and the music! This is my passion.

Stay safe. Be happy.

See you soon.

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