I just published this week’s “Fresh Tunes”. We have had a lot of new song releases. So many (and so good!) That instead of the usual 30 minutes, we were left with an hour! I am very excited about some of the songs that I put on this edition. They are different sounds but with one thing in common: super groovy songs! Perfect for dancing!

At the end of May, the second part of the 6th record production of the Colombian orchestra La-33 is launched on the market. Both titles, in EP format, carry the title Si Tú Quieres Salsa and Side A was launched in May 2019 and, one year later, Side B, appears.

There is no pandemic that can stop this robust and well-oiled machine, which is the Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra. What they recommend for this troubled time is a good dose of mental therapy based on lots of salsa. In other words, we should all listen to his latest album: Salsa Terapia. What to say? It’s good. It’s very good!