Hi! My name is Hugo Leite. I am a DJ since 2002. I’ve found in latin music an intense passion and I love sharing it with others! I do creative and original salsa music sessions, combining classic songs with recent releases, in a ceaseless search for a positive and contagious dance floor energy. Great songs for dancing, respectful mixing transitions and a constant care to get the best possible sound. The pleasure and fun of the dancer it’s my purpose. Let’s dance!

Hugo Leite was born in Coimbra, Portugal, on January 6th, 1980. He is considered to be one of the best Latin rhythms DJs in Portugal being regular presence in the main events and clubs at national level. In the international scene, he is very often requested for DJ sessions in Spain and France.

He has 18 years of experience as a full-time professional DJ and has been awarded with the Portuguese Best Salsa DJ award by the Top Dance Awards on three occasions (2007, 2008 and 2010). He has shared the DJ booth with internationally renowned names such as Henry Knowles (USA), Pablo Bat (Argentina), Gabriel Amegandji (France) and Pepe Bassan (Italy), among others.

His DJ sessions are typically characterised by creativity and originality, combining classic songs with recent releases, in a ceaseless search for a positive and contagious dance floor energy. The pleasure and fun of the dancer is his main goal. Good dancing songs, respectful transitions and a constant care to get the best sound are the cornerstones of his DJ work. 

Since 2005 he has created and implemented regular DJ Trainings to help people develop their passion for deejaying. In 2018, he holds the first Masterclass DJs at Benidorm Salsa Congress, bringing together an intensive professional work in the various areas of DJ (sound theory, music concepts and DJ techniques). In 2019, he is invited by the Salsa Bangkok Fiesta to organize the first intensive DJ training in Bangkok.

In addition to searching the best music for the dancers, he also develops technical audio work. He completed the Audio Production and Music Informatics course in the technical areas of recording, processing and composition of audio by the Riff School of Music in Aveiro, and the Live Sound Technician course by the Portuguese Association of Professional Sound Technicians, certified by the Audio Engineering Society.

As a sound technician, he worked in concerts of La Sucursal (Barcelona), Orquesta Del Solar (Madrid), Orquesta Sonoridad (A Coruña) and New Swing Sextet (New York). He is responsible for several live recordings highlighting the works done for Tromboranga (Barcelona) and La Candela (Tenerife). As a sound designer, he prepares the audio tracks for professional dance performances (theatres, congresses, clubs) and for TV presentations such as “Got Talent Portugal” and “Got Talent Spain” shows by artists such as Pedro Sousa, Inês Gameiro, Nuno Pesqueira and Nágyla Galvão.

Since 2002 that he has been collaborating with reference dancers such as Paula Loureiro, Ricardo Sousa, Nuno Furtado, Vanda Gameiro, Nuno Araújo, Rita Morais, Catarina Braga, Bruno Sousa, YE Mambo, ALC Dance Company, among others, in the composition and technical care of the audio tracks for their shows.

In the field of technical event production (management of rehearsals, shows, dance competitions, concerts and DJs), the highlights go for the work developed during the Salsorro International Festival and in the current management of the Benidorm Summer Festival.

From 2009 he has developed a partnership with the Argentine DJ Pablo Bat in a synergy that performs artistic productions and event management under the BatLei Productions brand.

Feel the music! Be happy!