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“El Caballero De La Salsa”, the incredible Puerto Rican sonero Gilberto Santa Rosa, released his latest album, entitled “Colegas”, on the 4th of September. This album is the culmination of more than 6 years of work.

Gilberto Santa Rosa, Colegas (2020)
Gilberto Santa Rosa – Colegas

It consists of 19 songs, lasts 1h45m and has the collaboration of 16 guest artists. The weight of this great production is immediately felt. Gilberto Santa Rosa is a champion in collaborations. He is one of the most active figures in the Latin music industry. An admirable feat considering his long musical career and his 58 years. It remains fresh, dynamic and passionate.

The list of invited artists is an authentic constellation of stars from Puerto Rican and Cuban music. From Puerto Rico: Tito Nieves, Tito Rojas, Luisito Carrión, Víctor Manuelle, Choco Orta, Herman Olivera, Maelo Ruiz, Carlitos Ramírez, Ismaelito Rivera, Francisco Rosado “Pirulo”, Yan Collazo, Michelle Brava and Nino Segarra; From Cuba: Isaac Delgado and Juan José Hernández. Also counting on the participation of Dominican José Alberto “El Canario”. Amazing!

Track listing:

  1. La Familia
  2. Caminalo
  3. Que Se Sepa
  4. Mazacote
  5. Apaga La Luz
  6. Sonerito
  7. Por La Calle Del Medio
  8. Nos Vamos A Bailar El Son
  9. Medley Boleros
  10. Ocana Sordi
  11. Bailadores
  12. El Mejor Sonero
  13. Tremendo Coco
  14. Estoy Como Nunca
  15. Mario Ague
  16. Eque Tumbao
  17. La Fonda De Bienvenido
  18. Ban Ban Quere
  19. Guateque De Chombo

Salsa, són montuno and boleros are the predominant rhythms of this album, which presents itself as an authentic banquet for the dancer.

We illustrated the sound of this album with the song “Tremendo Coco”. A song written by Henry Alvarez that was popularized by Joe Cuba Sextet. Here with the arrangement by Javi Fernandez.

“Tremendo Coco” by Gilberto Santa Rosa and Yan Collazo

Music connoisseurs say this album is a strong candidate to win a Grammy. We will only know this later. Now, at the moment, we can really enjoy these beautiful songs.

The disc is already available in the main stores and streaming services: Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.

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