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Fresh Tunes Week #3 - 2021

Fresh Tunes, starting the week in full rhythm and energy! With the start of a new week comes a new episode of Fresh Tunes, your program to keep up with the salsa news. Week number 3 of 2021 is accompanied by a plural and diverse edition of Fresh Tunes.

What’s in this Fresh Tunes?

In this program we get to know a little about the new album by the Colombian orchestra Sonysabor, “Uniendo Épocas”. From Cuba (but residing in Spain) Yuvisney Aguilar recently published his most recent production: “Guajiro-Warhero”. The tradition and elegance of good Cuban music. Music with history and tradition.

The sound of New York salsa is also accompanied by new releases. The group Vibrasón and Chino Nuñez Y Su Bandon offer a contagious rhythm that captivates the dancer.

From Nicaragua comes a new album by singer Milton Jose, “Life & Music“. French trombonist Isabel Roch, known artistically as Isa La Roca, also has new songs. Attention is drawn to the alignment of musicians who accompany this talented trombonist. It’s a great team!

From Callao (Peru) comes the new song by Waltinho Andrade and from the city of Miami (USA) the new album by the legendary pianist Richie Ray: Salsa, Jazz Y Beethoven. He is passionate about classical compositions and, once again, fuses salsa rhythm with the languages ​​of jazz and classical to present us with something distinctive and innovative.

Hear all this new music in episode # 3 of Fresh Tunes. Right here!👇🏻

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