Jan 03, 2017 Florida SUPERMIX
electro house
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Jan 15, 2017 Miami Tracks
Drum & Bass
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Jan 24, 2017 Orlando this week
Deep House
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About Me

Hugo Leite is considered to be one of the best Latin rhythms DJs in Portugal being regular presence at main events and clubs at national and international level. He has 17 years of experience as a fulltime professional DJ and his sessions are marked by creativity and originality, combining classical themes with recent releases, in a ceaseless search for a positive and contagious energy on the dance floor.


Upcoming Dates

January, 2020

The London Taphouse

Join us as we journey into the heart of London’s music scene with the one and only DJR.

January, 2020

Bubble Charlotte

Finally! A three-day music gateway unlike anything that’s come before at Charlotte.

January, 2020

Boiler Room Philadelphia

Make way for one of Boiler Room’s biggest and greatest dates in the 2017 calendar.


12" Vinyl
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Sets & Podcast

Listen to DJ sessions and also some broadcasts from the "Salsa Night" radio show. Check the Mixcloud page for more content.



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Music News

Endless Remix
Endless Remix

The first remix is from DJR, who is well known for many great releases on his own label Endless.Ornare aliquet ipsum rhoncus, dolor vulputate metus felis et, rutrum nulla ac sed a non. Ut vel torquent diam nulla orci, cubilia accumsan nullam phasellus risus et per, purus pede, atque sociis nam quis. Accumsan elementum taciti pellentesque lacus quam, aliquam duis…

Burning Man
Burning Man

I knew what I was doing, I was going to Burning Man; but what I did not know was just how I’d assimilate and react to all the data. Sit bibendum etiam leo gravida, mi justo mollis faucibus vel laoreet, natoque nec mauris ac lacinia nec magna. Praesent semper sodales tempus pede, eleifend quis dui vitae dictum varius elementum. Condimentum…


In the wake of what has been a most creative year, VENTO EP is now out! With a combination of new work and remixes. Auctor at fringilla neque vel, quam massa ante commodo egestas, molestie ornare viverra integer erat, praesent dictum montes at mauris venenatis, diam condimentum turpis et a urna etiam. Et eget enim ac, ultricies nulla dolor mi…