Javier Mendoza – La Fiesta De Los Ritmos

La Fiesta De Los Ritmos

Javier Mendoza, Peruvian musician based in Charlotte, North Caroline (USA), will launch on January 15th, his solo work entitled “La Fiesta De Los Ritmos”.

In the city of Charlotte, Javier Mendoza created his own band, Orquesta 704, and started working in his solo career.

Javier Mendoza
Javier Mendoza

The single “La Fiesta De Los Ritmos” is the sixth song released as a soloist, after “Quiero Recordar Tu Amor” (2017), “Dime La Verdad” (2017), “Esa Mujer” (2017), “Ganas De Ti “(2019) and” Si Tu Eres Boricua “(2020).

“La Fiesta De Los Ritmos” gives him a great opportunity to demonstrate all his vocal elegance. The song celebrates the plurality and richness of Afro-Antillean rhythms and is the perfect opportunity for the musicians to underline the importance of their instruments.

La Fiesta De Los Ritmos
La Fiesta De Los Ritmos

Robust and incisive choirs, a soulful baritone saxophone line and a rhythmic section with the heart working in unison. Very good! The lyrics invite us to celebrate music. Invite us to celebrate this party that is Latin music and quickly our body says yes, starting to move and getting into the groove of the song.

“La Fiesta De Los Ritmos” had the arrangement and musical production by Venezuelan pianist Víctor Gamez “Piolosound”. It is an excellent song for the dancer. It is a pity that we are living in these pandemic times as I am sure that this music would delight many dancers. We have to wait a little longer and then, yes, we can fully enjoy it.


  • Arrangement and composition – Víctor Gamez “Piolosound”;
  • Lead vocal – Javier Mendoza;
  • Piano – Ronald Quiroz;
  • Bass – Ruben Rodriguez;
  • Timbales – Luisito Quintero;
  • Trumpet – Joe King;
  • Trombone – Leifar Custodio;
  • Baritone Saxophone – Pedro Alayon;
  • Studios: Skylight, Tropic Culture and Ronald Quiroz;
  • Studio Sound engineer: Guido Díaz, Jorge Espinoza and Ronald Quiroz;
  • Mixing and mastering: Jorge Espinoza;
  • Production: Javier Mendoza

Follow Javier Mendoza’s profile on Spotify and his Facebook and Instagram networks. Keep an eye out for the release of your new song, “La Fiesta De Los Ritmos”, on January 15th.

Until then you can listen to it on the program “Fresh Tunes“, week 2, of this new musical year that now begins. Link here: http://bit.ly/ft-02-2021

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