Quique Mota Y Punto – Dicen

13 Julho, 2021

The song “Dicen” introduces Dominican singer Quique Mota Y Punto to the world. This original composition offers a rich and dynamic sound that results from the work of a disciplined orchestra with a lot of personality. Quique Mota shows himself as a precise singer and with a soneo that captivates the most demanding salsero. With medium high tempo, this song is fuel to set the dance floor on fire.

Dicen by Quique Mota Y Punto

This song, of his authorship, already sounds on the stations of the Dominican Republic and also internationally, such as Canada, the United States, among others, with which he intends to gain the popularity of the salsa public.

Who is Quique Mota and how did it all started?

Quique Mota (Ivan Enrique Mota Castillo) is a singer and songwriter born in the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. He spends his childhood in a populous neighborhood called Guachupita, where he began to show his gifts as a singer.

His parents Luis Mota and Balbina Castillo observed that boy’s restlessness every time he listened to those tropical rhythms of the time, Merengue, Son, Timba, Salsa, the latter reason plus his talent, leaning their taste towards this contagious rhythm.

Quique, influenced by his paternal uncle Ramón Mota “mon trumpeta” began to take the fact of being a vocalist very seriously, taking as a starting point the parties in the neighborhood, singing whenever he had the opportunity and on Fridays at his school, where he was obliged to sing since his companions always liked to hear him sing.

Motivated by great singers such as Ismael Miranda, Ismael Rivera, José Alberto “El Canario” Oscar D’León, Paquito Guzmán, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tonny Vega, Wilmer Lozano, among others, he already decided at the age of fifteen that that was what I wanted to do professionally. Working on vocalization for a few years and singing at different popular events he gains experience both as a singer and as a songwriter.

Quique Mota Y Punto

The artist is very happy with what he has achieved so far. His goals are to become one of the best exponents of the salsa genre in his country.

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