Salsa Terapia

joaquin arteaga

There is no pandemic that can stop this robust and well-oiled machine, which is the Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra. What they recommend for this troubled time is a good dose of mental therapy based on lots of salsa. In other words, we should all listen to his latest album: Salsa Terapia. What to say? It’s good. It’s very good!

Salsa Terapia by Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra

Tromboranga does not disappoint. On the contrary, it grows, matures and translates all its experiences into good music. Under the expert leadership of creative Joaquin Arteaga, the orchestra sounds very cohesive and united. An unstoppable train! To this we add a sound identity already acquired and a strong personality that does not deceive. We are facing another delight of this Barcelona band.

Salsa Terapia was entirely recorded during the month of July 2020, with all the restrictions of the pandemic COVID-19. It features 9 original songs, namely:

  1. El Cuero Del Tambor (Mambo)
  2. Devuélveme Mis Discos (Guaracha)
  3. El Mundo Al Reves (Son)
  4. Guadeloupe (Changui / Són)
  5. Verte Llorar (Són)
  6. Guaguancó Es Mi Vida (Guaguancó / Salsa)
  7. Trombon Skin (Discharge / Mambo)
  8. Señor Maria (Són Montuno)
  9. Pachanguera (Pachanga)
Salsa Terapia by Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra
Joaquín Arteaga with the CD Salsa Terapia

The Tromboranga concerts are absolutely fantastic. They know how to awaken the audience, provoke reactions and involve them in their music. More surprising is that we get a similar feeling with the record. We easily feel how some songs will instantly result with the audience. Despite being a studio recording it has that flavor and soul. It has life.

More energetic and strong songs, interspersed with others in a more delicate dress and with a greater emotional charge. Creative arrangements that do not give space to monotony. It is a delight to hear it… and it will be a delight to dance it!

The disc opens with “El Cuero Del Tambor”. A cheerful mambo!

During the recording of the disc the section of trombones was constituted by Vladimir Peña, Pablo Martín and Sergi Aragó. Lorenzo Barriendos on bass. Rafa Madagascar on the piano. The main voices by the charismatic Diego Coppinger and Freddy Ramos. The entire percussion section by director Joaquin Arteaga.

The sound of the disc is impeccable. The recording was the responsibility of Tato Flores with assistance from Andres Jaén. The mixing was performed by Javier Raez and Kamilo Kratc, at Congahead studios (New York) and the mastering was done by Kamilo Kratc at Soundworks studio (New York).

Salsa Terapia by Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra
Salsa Terapia by Tromboranga Salsa Orchestra

If you like salsa this disc will not disappoint you. You can buy it directly from the most popular online and streaming stores (Apple Music and Spotify). You can also purchase it on CD at the orchestra’s official store at Salsa Pa’ Rato.

It is not too much to mention how important it is to support independent orchestras. Know more about this band at or on their social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube).

Congratulations Tromboranga! Long live the music!

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