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la candela salsa orchestra

“Se Prendió” is already on the air!

La Candela Salsa Orchestra launched, past March, its most recent musical work, titled: Se Prendió. The production has the seal of BatLei Productions and represents an investment in the new wave of musicians and projects that regenerate the current offer of salsa music.

“Se Prendió” is loaded with a lot of flavor and energy and promises to put the dance floors on the boil and satiate the appetite of the most demanding dancers. Recorded at Arena Digital studios in Tenerife, it also seeks to offer new proposals in terms of sound design and texture.

La Candela Salsa Orchestra - Se Prendió

La Candela! Who is this band?

La Candela is made up of musicians José Brito (bongó, bell), Rafa “Richie” Rodríguez (voice), Fran “Ciani” Martín (conga, choirs), Alberto Martín (timbal), Alejandro Fuentes (bass), Fonsi Rodríguez ( piano) and Jordi Arocha (vibraphone). This septet, with headquarters in Tenerife, the largest island in the Canary Islands, already brings a lot of stage and studio experience.

The band’s musical influences and references are formed by the songs of Joe Cuba, Cheo Feliciano, Tito Puente, Tito Rodríguez, Bobby Valentin and New Swing Sextet. The 2015 On Fire album was the band’s first Long Play… which, two years later, is preparing to edit its second album: On Time.

Live Show

Despite being a recent project, the band La Candela is very dynamic and captivating in live situations. A mix between original hits and interpretations of some classics keeps energy high and the audience connected.

Most of the band’s concerts take place in Tenerife but presences are already scheduled in the Iberian Peninsula. Highlight for the presence at the Benidorm Summer Festival.

It is recalled that they have in their portfolio the live recording of the concert of the 2016 edition of the aforementioned event. Perhaps a live record will appear based on that moment.

Exciting future

We look forward to the arrival of the album On Time to hear and enjoy the new proposals of this young band. We keep an eye on the social networks and channels of La Candela and BatLei Productions. The publication will be coming soon!

Where to buy the single “Se Prendió”?

In major online stores such as iTunes, Google Play, Spotify and Amazon.

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  1. Hi Hugo
    Thanks for the info I just read about La Candela. I’m a salsa DJ of many years in Los Angeles on air station is KXLU FM 88.9 and we’re on iTunes on Kxlu and many steaming sites as KXLU or
    The show is Alma del Barrio founded in 1973.
    Ok, now that the resume is out of the way, I once visited Tenerife in 1985 while also working for the Telemundo Spanish tv network. I was there with the RMM label as they sponsored DJs and broadcasters. It was for Carnaval. Celia Cruz headlined with José Alberto on the giant stage venue. Orquesta Aragon Was on a small park stage (odd) and others. The local Tenerife groups were good but what I’ve heard from La Candela is about as good as any band I’ve ever heard as a septet. They are one of my favorite bands. I look forward to your newsletter. We are on the air 6am-6pm sat and sundays Pacific time. Maybe you can catch it at your time some day. Please send information about you if possible. Would like to know more about you and life these days in Tenerife. Be safe! Thanks Eddie López

  2. Hi Eddie! Thank you very much for your comment.

    Music (and Salsa in particular) has this magical thing of connecting the lives of people who are physically distant but who have a common passion. It’s fantastic. I see that your passion for salsa has been with you since the golden times. You certainly had the opportunity to live and feel in person what we can only see in videos. With Celia and other stars! Crazy! I am a little younger. When you were in Tenerife at that event with Célia, José Alberto and Orquesta Aragon… I was 5 years old! Eheh!

    Thank you for sharing information about the “Alma Del Barrio” program. I will accept your challenge and find your episodes and broadcasts on iTunes. Curious to feel the Latin pulse of a city as special as Los Angeles.

    In relation to La Candela, it is a recent Tenerife orchestra. In 2015 they released their first single “Es Guaguancó”. They have a sonority inspired by Joe Cuba but add a modern touch. In December 2015 they released their first album, “On Fire”, and in July 2017, their second album, “On Time”. I, together with DJ Pablo Bat, did the executive production of this album, under the brand BatLei Producciones.

    I know that Tenerife is a very special island when it comes to Latin music. There are countless musicians who live there and also the concerts that take place. Maybe even because of that past that you mentioned. Interestingly I have never been there. I live in Portugal, in the city of Ílhavo. I started my career as a DJ in 2002. I work a lot in Spain but I have never been to Tenerife.

    I will leave you here the contacts of the responsible of the band: Jose Brito (Teléfono: 0034 669 446 230) and Jordi Arocha (Teléfono: 0034 610 048 766). The email is and the website is

    Contact me at so that I can send you promotional material for the album “On Time” so that you can listen and play your radio program. Eddie, thank you very much for your comment and your words.

    See you soon.

    Hugo Leite

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