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At the end of May, the second part of the 6th record production of the Colombian orchestra La-33 is launched on the market. Both titles, in EP format, carry the title Si Tú Quieres Salsa and Side A was launched in May 2019 and, one year later, Side B, appears.

La-33 is a Colombian salsa orchestra, based in Bogotá, which was born in 2004 by the hands of brothers Santiago and Sergio Mejia. The La-33 orchestra gained international fame with the extraordinary salsa arrangement of the theme “La Pantera Mambo”.

The sound of this orchestra is easily recognizable. It exudes the irreverence of the youth of Bogotá, in a contemporary approach to the structure of salsa, with cadence and personality but without disrespecting the roots of this rhythm.

La 33 Orchestra
La 33 Orchestra

16 years after the release of his debut album, the essence remains the same: captivating. Each song is a story. The lyrics are a reflection of everyday life. The experiences of the people, the neighborhood. The message is passed through a sound that pushes us to the dance floor. It is difficult to stay still. It is difficult to stop smiling.

Colombia is one of the countries that vibrates most with salsa. For many it is the main stage of this musical genre. The truth is that Colombia repeatedly produces high quality salsa discs. La-33 is one of those responsible for this.

Si Tú Quieres Salsa - Lado B (May, 2020)
Si Tú Quieres Salsa – Lado B (May, 2020)

This “side b” of “Si Tú Quieres Salsa” consists of 6 songs:

  1. Juan
  2. Bold
  3. El Comediante Coqueto
  4. Salesman
  5. Pablito

Having a new La-33 record is synonymous with more dance music and this is no exception. My ear is immediately attracted to “Negrita” and also “El Comediante Coqueto”, perhaps because of its lower BPM, but “Juan”, “Pablito” and “Salesman” are equally desirable themes.

Buy or stream on Apple Music or Spotify. Check the orchestra’s official page at (there is a download section with some free music!). 😉

Having said that, it is to press the Play button and start shaking the body and cheering the soul.

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