Orquesta Palo Mayor – En Homenaje Al Bailador

27 Janeiro, 2021

The Orquesta Palo Mayor is originally from the charming country of Venezuela. Country of great salsa music tradition, it is one of the references of this musical genre worldwide.

Beginnings of the Orquesta Palo Mayor

The orchestra was born out of the idea of ​​Venezuelan percussionist Eduardo Amundarain in December 2007. The orchestra’s rehearsals began in late January 2008 with the musical direction of pianist José Tuky Torres.

At the end of 2008, the recording of what would become the album En Homenaje Al Bailador began, having been completed in January 2010. It was published by Weave Records.

Since then, the Palo Mayor orchestra has been a regular presence at events, highlighting its participation in the international festival Toros Y Salsa in Dax, France.

The album En Homenaje Al Bailador

The production En Homenaje Al Bailador consists of ten songs, five of which are original compositions. The orchestra sounds very good, with great rhythmic accuracy and intimacy between the various instruments.

Full of dynamism, the orchestra proposes evolved musical arrangements with contrasts and a strong character. We feel the people’s soul and their way of living.

Orquesta Palo Mayor - En Homenaje Al Bailador
Orquesta Palo Mayor – En Homenaje Al Bailador (2010)
Orquesta Palo Mayor - En Homenaje Al Bailador (back cover)
Back cover

As the name implies, this album offers several songs that delight the dancers. Between its original compositions and the interpretations of themes by La Sonora Ponceña, Salsa Mayor and Dimensión Latina, we obtain several songs that invite us to dance. A delight.

Track list:

  1. Simba Simbao (original song)
  2. Ahora Yo Me Rio
  3. Mi Consentida Eres Tu (original song)
  4. Ciego De Amor
  5. Acere Rumbero (original song)
  6. Yeyey
  7. Yenyere La Rumba Se Prendio (original song)
  8. Como Te Quise Yo
  9. El Baile Del Suavito
  10. En La Perla De Tus Ojos (original song)

The orchestra is composed of twelve musicians, namely:

  • Eduardo Amundarain (congas and general direction)
  • José Tuky Torres (piano and musical direction)
  • David Cárdenas (bongo and campana)
  • Luis Hernández (timbales)
  • Jesús Torres (bass)
  • Rafael Rey (trumpet)
  • Humberto Lozada (trumpet)
  • Ismael Liendo (trumpet)
  • Douglas Villarreal (trumpet)
  • Néstor Contreras (singer)
  • Noel Machado (singer)

The Orquesta Palo Mayor has done an excellent job. Good music to listen to and dance to. Follow their social networks to keep up with their future work. You can find them here: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Eduardo Amundarain (congas)
Eduardo Amundarain (congas and director)

At the moment it is not possible to buy or stream the album En Homenaje Al Bailador online but we recommend that you contact the director Eduardo Amundarain directly to purchase the disc.

Yenyere Se Prendió La Rumba

E-mail: orquestapalomayor@gmail.com or eduardocantv73@gmail.com

Phone: 0416-6140176

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